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Charles Moore
Charles Moore

Secret Pie

There is something inherently classic about a cherry pie. It could be that the ruby red color looks stunning against white plates, it could be the absolutely divine flaky crust or the blend of sweet and tart flavors that just light up your mouth in the best possible way. But even though we like cherry pie just the way it is, there are quite a few tricks out there to liven it up. Some recipes call for pineapple, a zing of orange zest, or a latticework top crusted with brown sugar; these are all fabulous ways to elevate this traditional fruit pie. But we have a new secret ingredient you must try during your next foray into baking.

Secret Pie

What's so special about sweetened condensed milk? Well, it's not like the normal milk you buy in gallons. Usually, sweetened condensed milk comes in a very small can, but for good reason: It is powerfully creamy and sweet and little goes a long way. Condensed milk is milk with its water removed through the evaporation process according to Bon Appétit. After the water is evaporated out, a lot of sugar is added. This extends the shelf life of the product by preventing unwanted bacterial growth. Sweet, creamy, and thick in nature, sweetened condensed milk is the perfect secret ingredient for your cherry pie.

On the last episode of "This Is Us," a family conflict loosely revolved around the secret ingredient in the family's beloved sugar pie recipe. The actual secret ingredient was not revealed in the episode to the viewers, only to Rebecca and Kate. My resolution? Make this easy sugar pie recipe and decide on your own secret ingredient!

The sugar pie recipe Kate is writing at the end of the show has some wonky ingredients amounts, in my opinion. The dessert recipe below is easy, creamy, sweet (thus the name!) and mom and grandma approved, too. Some options for your "secret ingredient" are suggested below. Shh! We won't tell.

The "Apple Pie McFlurry" is one of McDonald's most famous "secret menu" items. And for good reason! In addition to the standard McFlurry, the Apple Pie McFlurry includes a full pie slice blended directly into your McFlurry. Two great tastes combined! So, if a plain McFlurry doesn't satisfy your taste buds, take a chance by asking for a Pie McFlurry from McDonalds Secret Menu. In our opinion, the Pie McFlurry can't be beat. Before ordering, check out all of McDonalds secret menu options! 041b061a72




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