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Charles Moore
Charles Moore

Hindi Hot New Movies 2015 Full Movie

Luckily for us, there are more and more lesbian movies and lesbian romance movies! We have all seen many straight romantic movies, and now we want to see lesbian love and lesbian relationships in movies. And preferably ones with a happy ending.

hindi hot new movies 2015 full movie

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Summerland is one of our favorite new lesbian movies! This beautifully made cinematic lesbian movie tells an even more beautiful lesbian love story. Not all lesbian movies are of high quality, but this one definitely is.

Looking for more lesbian movies? Make sure to also check our best lesbian movies list! Which includes movies like Loving Annabelle about a boarding school teacher who falls in love with a student, Princess Cyd, and Disobiedence about a lesbian Jewish woman.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, whose movies are known to make statements with sufficient humor and typical Mumbai-industry flavorings such as songs and dances, PK was released in India in December. Soon it covered 6,000 screens worldwide, collecting $46.8 million at home and another $100 million overseas.

Hollywood's long domination of the Chinese market makes such differences in earnings stark, but with PK among the recent top foreign movies, Bollywood's prospects in China look brighter today than they ever did since commercial ties between the two countries picked up in the last decade or so.

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